The Inspiration

Ffeetoor is the result of various little moments in time and the effort and passion of a group of people. Ever since Shikha was a child, both her grandfathers—Shri SR Chaddha & Shri Jaswant Singh Grover—imbued in her the value of pursuing passion.Their unwavering support, love, and guidance formed the backbone of Ffeetoor as it stands today.

Our Team

Shikha Grover Kathuria
Founder, Owner and CEO

Shikha is the mind behind the beauty. Not only did she build Ffeetoor from scratch, but she sustains it with enthusiasm and creativity.

Cherisha Sonawala
Content & Social Media Strategist

Cherisha puts the passion of Ffeetoor into words, she creates campaigns and concepts to pave the way to recognition and success.

Puneet Sharma
Creative Photographer

Puneet has a keen eye for detail and aesthetic. He captures our juttis and potlis in all their glory, in an attempt to accurately share their beauty with the world.

Dhruv Arora
Printing Collaborator

Dhruv is a passionate and skilled printing artist who creates all our cards and packaging to perfectly align with the Ffeetoor aesthetic and philosophy.